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Utilizing My ADHD Super Powers as a Salesforce Admin

Similar to a lot of other women with ADHD that I have encountered, I wasn't diagnosed until much later in life and now being active in ADHD Facebook groups, sub-Reddits, and Discords, have seen the same question over and over again - "what job(s) are good for people with ADHD?"

My suggestion is to consider becoming a Salesforce Administrator.

I was 8 years into my Salesforce career before I was diagnosed so that's 8 years of untreated ADHD where I, thankfully, flourished in the Salesforce ecosystem and I believe it is because certain traits of ADHD actually lend themselves to help in this job including -

The following are my personal opinions, and experiences, and do not reflect everyone with ADHD as there are multiple types of ADHD (I fall under the "ADHD - Inattentive" definition) and varying severities and/or symptoms.

  • My "oh, squirrel!" thinking means that I actually enjoy having to change tasks which happens frequently, especially as a solo admin, but even as part of a team no day tends to be the same when you are working with Salesforce!

  • Those with ADHD tend to be creative and see/find solutions that neurotypicals might not recognize as quickly and after 10+ years working with Salesforce have found creativity to be a highly valued asset.

  • With each new release and/or acquisition, that means more to learn and new information tends to make those with ADHD quite happy.

  • The ability to hyper-focus, though rarely commanded on demand, means that drafting complex solutions including Flows can be accomplished.

  • Even having, primarily, the "inattentive" type of ADHD, I am still more energetic than most which helps when you are talking to and supporting a vast array of people in an organization.

Admittedly, having ADHD has its' challenges and I do not want to minimize that by any stretch of the imagination. I am on medication, am in therapy, and rely on a number of coping mechanisms to function in a world that often does not celebrate our traits of energy, excess enthusiasm, desire for new information/experiences, and creativity that often falls outside of the boxes we encounter in our day-to-day lives but I wholeheartedly believe that all of these qualities can contribute to being an awesome Salesforce Administrator.

I don't say that last statement lightly.

I am beyond grateful that I, in taking an Administrative Assistant position some 10+ years ago that included "helping the Salesforce Administrator a little" led to a career where my traits that might often be construed as disruptive were helpful and productive because I am well aware that many with ADHD are not so lucky.

No matter the context, being "different" can be difficult. It is something that I still struggle with, daily, but I also think it is important to recognize how our differences can set us apart in positive terms instead of dwelling on the possible negatives. Being different isn't necessarily a bad thing. Use it to your advantage.

My focus/understanding of ADHD is primarily on how it presents in adult women so if you identify as a woman and think you might have ADHD, would recommend the following resources -

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