• Lauren O'Brien

The Number One Skill for Salesforce Admins

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I am lucky to have been working, in some capacity, as a Salesforce Admin for close to nine years and during that time have trained two Junior Salesforce Admins and spoken to several other individuals about starting careers as a Salesforce Admin. Through my own experience, and the experience of others, have determined what I believe to be the most critical, or number one, skill for Salesforce Admins - customer service.

Now, you might be thinking, I am helping to manage a Salesforce Org, not working in a retail store but, at the end of the day, a Salesforce Admin's true impact is as internal customer service. You are the front line between Salesforce and the end users whether that is helping a user troubleshoot an issue they are experiencing in the Org, gathering information from management and/or end users and using that to customize Salesforce for their needs and requirements, and delivering training that is pertinent for those that need to act on the information.

If you operate outside of a customer service mindset, you may fall into the trap of designing a Salesforce that meets your goals but misses the mark for the company and end users. There is also a risk of alienating your end users which means losing insight into how they are currently using Salesforce and how you might be able to improve that experience.

Examples of leading with a customer service mindset as a Salesforce Admin includes -

  • Being available, and approachable, to end users so they can share their thoughts/frustrations/suggestions regarding Salesforce

  • Building solutions with the company and end users in mind

  • Taking time to understand the end users so that training can be catered to their learning styles and their familiarity with Salesforce

Approaching any Salesforce Admin opportunity with a customer service approach will provide you valuable information directly from the end users which, in my opinion, cannot be discounted.

While I cannot, obviously, praise customer service enough, I have to admit that regarding utilizing it as a Salesforce Admin it does not include "the customer is always right." As a Salesforce Admin, you will have to decline certain requests, or propose a different solution, within the Org but you can still do so respectfully and by taking the time to explain to the person(s) why you will not be implementing their request.

What are your thoughts as customer service being the number one skill for Salesforce Admins?

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