• Lauren O'Brien

The Many Hats, and Titles, of a Salesforce Administrator

For the past 9 years being a Salesforce Administrator has been the core function of my job but during that same time I have had the following titles -

  • CRM Specialist

  • Sales Operations Analyst

  • Marketing Analyst

  • Sales & Marketing Operations Manager

  • Salesforce Administrator (twice, now, finally!)

In addition to a range of titles, I have also had other responsibilities outside the "usual" (if there is such a thing in the ever-changing world of Salesforce) including managing social media accounts, writing content, administering marketing automation software, and evaluating and/or managing tools that connect with Salesforce like SalesLoft, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and ZoomInfo.

Now, to be fair, I tend to work for smaller companies where the likelihood of wearing multiple hats is exponentially higher than large corporations but I also recognize I am not the only Salesforce Administrator who finds themselves doing more than they may have originally expected entering into this career path. In some cases, the additional hats might be a welcome change to your routine but some words of caution especially when job-hunting as a Salesforce Administrator to the possible downsides of a broad title and a closet full of hats.

First, a caution but also a piece of advise I had heard/known earlier personally, know what hats you don't mind wearing outside the core function of your job and which ones you really, really don't. For example, let's say you accept a position with "Sales Operations" in the title with the majority of your time spent as the Salesforce Admin but you soon find yourself being asked to analyze large data sets when the thought of staring at Excel for hours on end drives you up a wall and/or is a skill set you do not have and/or want. It is best to be in clear in the interview process, especially if the posted job description is vague or at all unclear, what you will do as part of the job and what you will not to avoid encountering these situations after accepting an offer. It can be rare to find job postings with a title as concise as "Salesforce Administrator" so while I wish certain companies would be more upfront about what they need from a person in the position shared, ultimately it is up to you to clarify and determine if the duties outside of being the Admin are something you wish to handle or not.

Another caution of many hats is that wearing, and changing, these hats can keep you away from Salesforce and your duties as an Admin more than you wanted or planned. If your responsibilities away from Salesforce begin to impede your ability to manage Salesforce then a conversation might be warranted with your manager about delegating some of your hats and possibly bringing on additional help. Tracking your work (including using Salesforce Cases ) can be crucial to making a case of why certain responsibilities may need to be shifted especially if they are causing problems with meeting deadlines related to the core function of your position.

Would rather not end on doom and gloom so while caution should be exercised, you may also find new career opportunities by exploring tasks, and projects, outside of your current day-to-day. While I am still, at heart, a Salesforce Administrator have also found a solid niche as a dual Salesforce/Marketing Automation (have managed four different ones, to date) Administrator and truly enjoy the work I get to do on the marketing side which I may not otherwise experience if I refused to try on that hat some 8 years ago now.

Comment down below if you wish to share some of your hats and/or titles!

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