• Lauren O'Brien

Proud to be "just" a Salesforce Admin

Before you read further, want to ensure that you understand that I have nothing but respect for Salesforce Developers and Technical Architects but today I want to focus on the pressure for someone to become more than "just" a Salesforce Admin.

I have called myself a Salesforce Admin, even when my official title was different, for over nine years. Over this course of time, have lost track of the amount of times I have been asked "when am I going to learn code and become a developer" or what was my plan to advance beyond the classification of "just a Salesforce Administrator."

Now, I can appreciate that people are invested in my career progression but, as a Salesforce Admin, your path does not have to go down the lane of becoming a Salesforce Developer or Architect especially if the idea of spending hours writing code is comparable to nails on a chalkboard.

As "just" an admin, you are the front line between Salesforce and its end users, which as I have mentioned in an earlier blog post is invaluable. As "just" an admin, you have almost endless opportunities to expand your skill set especially when a new Salesforce release is pending. As "just" an admin, you can use declarative programming (also known in the Salesforce

Early in my Salesforce career, at my first Dreamforce.

sphere as clicks, not code) to customize and automate your Org without relying on Apex. As "just" an admin, you can use your ever-growing experience to help companies, and their end users, feel more comfortable in Salesforce and expand its' importance within your company.

If you decide to stay as "just" a Salesforce Admin, here are just a few ways your career can progress -

  • Title progression (Junior Admin to Admin, Admin to Senior Admin, etc.)

  • Responsibilities increasing from basic requests (resetting passwords, etc.) to project management/implementation

  • Becoming a sole Administrator or managing a Salesforce team

  • Expanding your scope to include managing Salesforce plug-ins including marketing automation software

Over the course of my career, I went from part-time helping address basic tickets as part of a small team to working directly with the highest-level of management to gather requirements and then create a solution, document it, and implement it either as the only Salesforce resource or managing internal, and/or external, Salesforce resources including other Administrators or Developers. My designation has remained the same but there is no doubt that my career has been moving forward at a fast pace!

We might be "just" Salesforce Administrators but it is important to remember how critical your experience, and know-how, can be . Remember to take pride in the title/designation of Salesforce Administrator and if that is what brings you joy and fulfillment, ignore the connotations that a move to Developer and/or Architect is the only option as far as career advancement.

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