• Lauren O'Brien

Finding Work/Life Balance in the Cloud Ecosystem

When your job, and responsibilities, are tied to a cloud system such as Salesforce, it can be even more difficult to establish a work/life balance but forgoing a balance entirely can quickly lead to burnout if you follow the path of "all work and no play" which, you know from The Shining, does not end well.

Now, I don't want to spend too much time on if work/life balance can truly be achieved because A) I certainly do not have the answer and B) there are plenty of articles and blogs on the topic written by people with a much better understanding of this topic that myself (an example is linked below) but I do believe there can be a balance, of sorts, between the two and that is is important to our overall well-being.

So, how do you find balance if you are working in the Salesforce (or similar cloud) ecosystem? Here are a few tips/guidelines that you can consider applying -

  • Set clear expectations, as early as possible, with your employer about your availability outside of normal business hours. For example, during the interview process I explain right then and there that I will work hard and be dedicated during the 40(ish) hours I am being hired to work but forgoing emergencies, or occasional weekend deployments, that I will not respond to messages during non-business hours.

  • Removing/muting your business email from your phone over the weekend and/or on vacations.

  • Using most, if not all, of the vacation time that your employer offers and not spending that time answering emails or calling into meetings.

  • Discuss the possibility of working from home one, or a few days, a week if not already in a remote position so you can take back some of the time you would normally spend commuting.

  • Take a few minutes throughout the day to recharge, and give your eyes a break from staring at your laptop/computer screen, by getting some fresh air, enjoying a short walk, or even visiting a coworker in a different part of the office.

While many of us who work with Salesforce tend to be just a little enthusiastic about our careers, we have to take a step back occasionally and dedicate time to non-Salesforce related activities whether that is spending time with your family, taking your dog(s) out for an afternoon at the park, or checking out that new brewery that just opened up on the other side of town.

Having experienced burnout before, I know the negative consequences of putting work before everything else as I witnessed my own mental well-being suffer and saw the effects it had on those close to me so while true work/life balance might be a myth, there is nothing mythical about what can happen if you negate your self entirely for your career/profession so remember to put yourself first sometimes.

What are some of your tips/suggestions to promoting a better work/life balance?

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