• Lauren O'Brien

Delivering your Salesforce Masterpiece

You have been working on this project for weeks, if not months. You got Executive buy-in, worked with and tested alongside power users, documented the entire process, ported over to Production, and now you are ready to deliver your Salesforce masterpiece and while it may feel that you are in the "easy" part of this journey, the truth is the delivery can be just as important, if not more so, than all earlier your earlier steps. Poor delivery can lead to poor adoption which could negate all of your hard work so let's spend some time discussing delivering your Salesforce Masterpiece to the applicable users.

Depending on the scope, and reach, of the project delivery should start before it is live in Production. Keeping your users in the know about pending changes in Salesforce helps build trust and avoids the possibility of leaving them feeling blindsided. Empowering your users by keeping them in the know as far as the status of the project and important dates such as go-live can only help you as a Salesforce professional. Every company has different policies around, and/or tools for, internal communication but options for regular updates can include -

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly emails

  • Posts in Chatter, possibly in a dedicated Chatter Group

  • Announcements in Team/Company Meetings

Once your masterpiece is ready to be viewed, it is time to step up the delivery game as training now comes into the mix of colors you have already utilized for pre-release announcements. Remember, empowering your users is important so if you released a major change without training they may feel confused, or even frustrated, trying to utilize the functionality no matter how well built so providing your users with catered, easy-to-digest training is crucial.

In my experience, training should be provided across different mediums to cover different learning styles/preferences. You can provide training in the following methods and encourage utilizing more than one -

  • Live - in person

  • Live - via video or webinar

  • Recorded video

  • Written

Live trainings are among my favorite, and believe have the most impact as it allows for engagement from the users, but also acknowledge that training resources that can be referenced at a later time are also critical so if at all possible try and record live trainings so users can watch later as needed. This also addresses the concern that certain users might not be able to attend live trainings.

As a Salesforce professional, you know that Salesforce is ever-changing so remember to update your training, where applicable, to ensure they reflect the most current state of your Org and processes.

Remember, you are a Salesforce artist and your masterpieces deserve praise and delivering them properly allows your users to see the beauty in what you built.

How do you deliver your masterpieces?

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