• Lauren O'Brien

Alternatives to Dreamforce

In the midst of the "road to Dreamforce", we have to address the fact that not everyone is able to attend Dreamforce. Those reasons can vary from costs, inability to get the time off, or scheduling conflicts.

Think everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem should try and attend at least one Dreamforce during their career, but thankfully if you simply cannot get to Dreamforce, there is an ever-growing list of alternatives to check out.

The first alternative to consider are the Salesforce World Tour events. These are one-day, official Salesforce events, that feature speakers, hands-on sessions, networking opportunities, and keynotes. These events are free to attend and hosted in different cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Boston. You can view, and register for, upcoming World Tour events on Salesforce's Events page.

Another option are the Dreamin' events which are regional, community-led conferences. These conferences are typically a few days long and provide breakouts, hands-on sessions, and networking opportunities with other, local Salesforce enthusiasts. There is a cost to attend but the costs are extremely reasonably especially when you look through the schedule and see what is included. I will be at Northeast Dreamin' in September 2019 if you want to say "hello"!

On a smaller scale, there are many Salesforce User Groups that host sessions/events on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. User Groups can be generally related to Salesforce or get more granular by focusing on Developers, Marketing Cloud Users, or Administrators. You can search current User Groups (or apply to start your own!) on Salesforce's Trailblazer Community.

Of course, you can virtually be a part of the Salesforce community via the Trailblazer Community and building your network on LinkedIn by adding Salesforce connections, following Salesforce-related pages, and joining Salesforce-related groups.

So, if you cannot attend Dreamforce this year, remember that there are plenty of alternatives to investigate which will expand your knowledge of Salesforce and provide opportunities to meet a lot of people who are also passionate about Salesforce.

Did I miss any events? Feel free to let me know!

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