• Lauren O'Brien

Adjusting to life as a fully remote Salesforce Admin

Similar to countless others, in early March my coworkers and I received the news that we would be shifting to remote work for at least a few months. Seven months later, our return date is, tentatively, some time in 2021.

For the majority of my ten year career as a Salesforce Administrator, I either worked 100% in the office or had the ability to work from home 1-2 days/week so having to quickly shift to a fully remote position was something I was not prepared for but have learned a few things over the last few months.

  1. Create a schedule and try to stick to it whenever possible. When a room in my home became the "office", I quickly realized that having a set end to my work day was blurry, at best, since walking to my living room, or kitchen, was not as significant from getting into my car and driving home. After a few weeks, I created a schedule that included the start of the work day, an allotment for a lunch break, and an end to the day which helped provided needed structure.

  2. Try experiencing different work areas. The baby blue walls of my home office felt smaller, and smaller, as my time at home continued. Participating in a Zoom meeting out on my porch or taking a call while on a walk helped shake off some of the monotony I was experiencing and often helped my mood as well. Even moving from your office to your living room might provide a well-deserved change.

  3. Be available through multiple mediums. As I wrote before, I strongly believe that the number one skill a Salesforce Admin should have is customer service and part of what I loved about being in the office was the ability to walk over to my coworkers' desks if they had an issue or wanted to float a new idea by me so losing that presented a challenge. While I can no longer pop over to someone's desk, I can be available to help them whether they prefer a Zoom meeting, Slack, email, Chatter, or the classic phone call. Realizing that people have varying preferences on communication, I feel it is important to let my users know they can reach me in many different ways.

  4. Take time for yourself. This year has been stressful for everyone and while I am grateful to still be employed, I also had to learn that burning myself out was not going to help my company or myself. Remember to take days off and enjoy a hike, or a new hobby, or catch up on that show you have been meaning to watch for years but never had the time. Work is important but you are even more so.

While I look forward to returning to the office, eventually, I hope these few tips might be helpful to those who are also learning to adjust to life as a fully remote Salesforce Administrator.

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